Holistic Design & Development
Insel LED
Insel LED is a range of industrial LED luminaires.
They are designed primarily for the canopies of petrol stations and factories with ceilings 5−12m high.

The features of the product:
 — can be used outdoors due to the IP66 waterproof protection;
 — the mechanical impact resistance code IK10;
 — has an explosion-proof modification;
 — can be used either as a recessed luminaire or as a surface-mount floodlight;
 — can be equipped with a microwave sensor;
 — easy to repair: has access to all the components;
 — the modular lens system provides a range of the luminous flux, light distribution and different types of wattage;
 — the efficient heatsink and mechanical properties are achieved with the help of the die-cast aluminium fixture case;
 — high light output and energy efficiency in a compact size.

The project was designed for Lighting Technologies.
The product web pages:
INSEL LB/R LED — recessed type
INSEL LB/S LED — surface-mounted
INSEL LED EX — explosionproof