Holistic Design & Development
Bloom Mobile Accommodation Module is a dwelling for outdoor recreation far from civilization. The module uses renewable energy sources, so it is completely autonomous. It can accomodate up to 6 people for 3−7 days.

The project was awarded the grand prix of the young designers' competition Kreata 2010 and was a finalist in the international competition BEOPEN 2012.

For storage and transportation the module is compactly folded. For usage, the sidepieces of the module unfold from the center outward to enlarge the inner space of the module.

The module is equipped with solar batteries, liquid solar collectors, air solar collectors, water treating filters, a catalyst furnace of slow burning and a waste processing system.
The living space includes an entrance zone, three private living zones and a common area that consists of a dining area, a sanitary and hygienic area and a kitchen. The private living zone is an open room for two people. The first sleeping accommodation is an upper folding berth. The second sleeping accommodation can be transformed into a sofa on one side and to a bench on the other side separating the work place from the common area.