Holistic Design & Development
We offer a full product development cycle — from
a sketch to production
Supervision of production
The product development process
Each product is unique in its way, but each product development and production process goes through the same stages
Preliminary research
This stage precedes any sort of development, and it must be thoroughly carried out to ensure the quality of the final result. We analyze similar products, single out the peculiarities of the product under study, possible problems and scenarios of usage. The technical requirements for all the following stages are specified during this stage.
Product design
After specifying the arrangement and checking with the usage scenarios this stage works out the basic concepts. After a conference with the Client, a choice is made and the guidelines for design are outlined. The result of this stage is a detailed design shown in 3D models of the body parts and a PDF presentation with visualized concepts.
Mechanical and electronic design
This is the most resource-intensive stage, as it involves the whole team. It starts with specifying the Technical requirements for Mechanical design. Then comes the optimization of arrangement, modelling of the processes, and detailed arrangement design and of course such major things as electronic and mechanical design per se. We select the best materials and parts to optimize the costs. As the result of this stage we get a detailed 3D model, engineering documentation — and it is all one needs to start manufacturing the tools and preparing for mass production.
Pilot production and samples
It is often necessary to produce a pilot batch of the product before the start of mass production to market and promote it at the early stages.
For this purpose we adapt the construction for the use of alternative technologies.
We produce parts, assemble them and test the final product.
Tooling Manufacturing
At this stage, we select a company/companies to order the manufacturing of tooling from (press moulds, dies, etc.), either in Europe or in South-East Asia.
Technical requirements for tooling manufacturing are made specifically for the chosen site and accompanied by engineering supervision of the manufacturing process.
After accepting the finished details, we assemble the product sample, test it, and based on the test results, the final complete set of the documents for production, assembly and packing is prepared.