Holistic Design & Development
We are professionals, experienced in creating new products
aimed at the needs of the customers on the basis of their
limitations and the reality of their market.
Andrey Vekovishchev
Olga Kalugina
Product designer
Igor Lobanov
Product designer
Aleksey Stukovnin
Chief design engineer
Alexander Vasilyev
Design engineer
Anna Yashchenko
Graphic designer
Anastasia Gavrilenko
Project manager
Dmitriy Frolov
Electronic engineer
Andrey Ryazanov
We are proponents of the holistic approach in production when function and form are directly connected with each other. One defines the other and each component adds value to the product and customer experience.
Our products have been honoured with prestigious design awards.

Our works have been published in several books, magazines and on specialized sites.
A'Design Award
Spatial 2015—2016

Italy, 2016
Design FOR
5th Edition

Italy, 2016
Red Dot Design Concept
Yearbook 2015/2016

Singapore, 2015
Trendsbook 13 / 14

France, 2013
Material + Creative Products
Artpower International Publish Co

China, 2013
Learning Curves

Sweden, 2011
Red Dot Design Concept
Yearbook 2011/2012

Singapore, 2011
Design and Design Book of the Year
Volume Four

France, 2011