Holistic Design & Development
Lifeline ARM
Lifeline ARM is an automated device for chest compression. It is to be used in situations when effective manual cardiopulmonary resuscitation is not possible. Lifeline is used as an additional tool for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The innovative construction and elegant design of Lifeline ARM provide portability, speedy deployment and fair consequent work. The integral one-piece frame construction improves usability and provides high reliability. The central module consists of a control panel, a removable battery and a piston drive. The construction of the frame makes it possible to line it up in an easy way and connect with the self-locking latches on the special board, allowing for rapid deployment. The interior space of the device was designed to accommodate a very broad range of adult patient sizes.

The project was designed in collaboration with Baren-Boym Company for Defibtech Inc.
The product web page: www.defibtech.com/intl/lifeline-arm/features