Holistic Design & Development
Wormhole is a folding seat concept.

This is a chair designed mainly for multifunctional public spaces. It consists of two identical elements -fabric frames that can be assembled into a seat with zippers. Each fabric frame consists of two stiff arched elements that are connected with each other with the flexible linear sections. The frame is strong enough to hold any body weight. The fabric is elastic and it stretches while folding.

The assembly starts with bending one element and fixing it with the circular zippers. Then the second element is added and they are connected with each other along the perimeter with the help of the zippers. And the circular zippers of the second element are zipped up to get the necessary shape.

The Wormhole seat makes it possible to organize an interior space for any events quickly and easily. It consists of the elements that are easy to store and transport. The stretchy fabric is easy to keep clean. The seats can come in different colors, prints and with a great variety of seam patterns.

The project got RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2011 in the category "Best of the Best" and Design and Design International Award 2011.