Holistic Design & Development
NORD Fridge Concept.

In the project, the arrangement of the inner compartments is presented in a new way. The first innovation is an inclined triangular shelf for convenient storage of bottles and jars.

The next innovation is a revolving shelf. This system solves several problems and makes the fridge more convenient. A simple turn of the shelf (there are special grooves for fingers) helps to choose a necessary product.

Another innovation is a shelf with regulated height. The shelf can be moved up or down by a simple hand movement. The shelf has four hinges and it can be moved to the uppermost position together with everything it has on. For safety reasons there is a fixator on one of the hinges prevent the shelf from uncontrollable downward movements. This shelf is revolving as well.

The doors have LED light elements that serve as indicators of the fridge’s work. When the door is open, the light blinks.