Holistic Design & Development
Happy LED life!
Design Competition 2015
OBELUS is a concept of an LED desk lamp based on the idea of combining two technologies in one solution to manipulate with light direction and its intensity. This principle makes it possible to adjust and redistribute the main luminous flux to create a comfortable atmosphere at the workplace.

OBELUS has 4 basic states:
 — off;
 — uplight;
 — downlight;
 — uplight + downlight.

The main feature becomes possible with the help of the multilayer light guide panel. The light guide panel commonly used for edge-lit is covered with an additional smart film on both sides (top and bottom).

The Smart film changes its transparency and matte properties depending on the electric current flow properties. This enables the user to control the light that goes through it, and at the same time with the help of the light guide panel to control the light distribution in the upward and downward directions.

The stand has a sensor that controls both light directions.

The concept was shortlisted in Happy LED Life competition which was organized by Designboom.com in collaboration with Gwangju Design Biennale 2015.